Contractor Registration

Any contractor, general contractor or subcontractor engaged in contracting, construction, alteration, repair, replacement, removal or demolition of buildings or structures, as business for profit in the City of Shelby shall, before performing any work within the corporation limits of Shelby, register with the Mayor as Director of Public Service as set forth in Amended Substitute Ordinance 10-2010.

Contractor Registration List

The list of registered contractors is current to April 19, 2024 and will be updated weekly.

Contractors will need to submit the following documents to Shelby City Hall before any work can be completed:

  1. Application for Contractor Registration
  2. Shelby Income Tax Questionnaire
  3. Certificate of Liability Insurance
  4. Proof of compliance with State of Ohio’s Workers Compensation Laws
  5. Certificate of Registration with the City of Shelby’s Income Tax Division
  6. Current copy of his/her license issued pursuant to ORC 4740 by the OCEIB (Ohio Construction Industry Examining Board) to the contractor or an employee of said contractor if required.

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