Engineering Department

The city contracts with a local firm to:

  • Administer engineering of all construction improvements in the City
  • Complete the surveying work of all improvements in the City
  • Prepare all plans, profiles and estimates of construction work for the City
  • Inspection of all public work as directed by the Director of Public Service
  • Provide professional engineering advice to any City department and/or department supervisor in need of engineering advice and/or counsel
  • Prepare all documentation required for the securing of easements and/or application for grants
  • Oversee public works projects
  • Review, inspect and approve all subdivision improvement plans and the installation of streets and other utility systems


Ray Lenczowski, P.E., P.S.
City Engineer
F.E. Krocka & Associates, Inc.

Joseph C. Gies, C.F.M
City Project Coordinator

43 West Main St
Shelby, OH 44875