Engineering Department

The city contracts with a local firm to:

  • Administer engineering of all construction improvements in the City
  • Complete the surveying work of all improvements in the City
  • Prepare all plans, profiles and estimates of construction work for the City
  • Inspection of all public work as directed by the Director of Public Service
  • Provide professional engineering advice to any City department and/or department supervisor in need of engineering advice and/or counsel
  • Prepare all documentation required for the securing of easements and/or application for grants
  • Oversee public works projects
  • Review, inspect and approve all subdivision improvement plans and the installation of streets and other utility systems


Matt Hasel, P.E.
City Engineer
K.E. McCartney and Associates

Joseph C. Gies, C.F.M
City Project Coordinator

43 West Main St
Shelby, OH 44875