City Council

The legislative powers of the City, except as limited by its Charter, are vested in a Council of five members who are elected every two years.

City Council Powers & Duties

A councilmember is elected from each of the four wards and one councilmember elected at large.

Some specific powers and duties of the Council of the City of Shelby are:

  • Enact legislation in the form of ordinances and resolutions
  • Confirm mayoral appointments to board and commissions
  • Determine the salaries, bonds, and other compensation of officers and employees
  • Authorize contracts for public works projects and major purchases
  • Appropriate the expenditures of public moneys
  • Set electric, water, and sewer rates
  • Levy and collect special assessments

Current Council

Mayor Steven Schag, President of Council, (419) 347-5131
Finance Director Brian Crum, Clerk of Council, (419) 342-5885


At-Large: Steven McLaughlin, (419) 566-8528 
First Ward:
 Charles Roub Jr,(419) 347-6676 
Second Ward:
 Derrin Roberts, (419) 961-3116 
Third Ward:
Eric Cutlip (567) 275-2515
Fourth Ward:
 Nathan Martin, (567) 275-2525

Councilmembers email access

Council Meetings

Shelby City Council meets every month on the first and third Mondays, at 7 pm, in the Shelby Justice Center, 29 Mack Avenue.

A live feed of the City Council chambers is provided for all meetings. All meetings will be streamed “real-time” as they occur. Past meetings are available via the City of Shelby YouTube channel.

Watch Council Meetings Live Stream
YouTube Channel