8:45am 5/12/2022 – Memorial Day Parade Announcement

The Memorial Day parade will be held on Monday, May 30th beginning at 10:00am. Note that the parade route has been altered due to construction. The parade will start at its normal location on Grand Boulevard and end at Oakland Cemetery. The route will utilize High School Avenue, Park Avenue, and Tucker Avenue instead Read More...

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Meet Shelby’s People Saving Places

Historic place-savers pour their time, energy, and resources into protecting places they care about, often without recognition. Preservation Month 2022 is for them—a national high-five to everyone doing the great work of saving places in hopes that it will inspire and empower others to do the same. Meet the members of the Shelby Historic Read More...

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4/14/2022 County Road Closure Notice – London West Road

London West Road, between St. Rt. 61 and Broadway Road in Plymouth Township, is closed due to the condition of the bridge. The road will remain closed until repairs can be made. The timeframe for repairs is currently undetermined. Richland County Engineers Office

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The 2021 Consumer Confidence Water Report is now available

The 2021 Consumer Confidence Water Report is now available to anyone wishing to review the report. We have announcements with a link to the city website available at the Library, City Hall and the Utilities Office. A printed copy can be requested and picked up at the Utilities Office beginning on Friday, April 15th, Read More...

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Natural Gas Aggregation Program Customers – 4/6/2022 1:20pm

City residents and commercial customers enrolled in the natural gas aggregation program with Volunteer Energy Services Incorporated (VESI), will be receiving a notice stating a bankruptcy petition has been filed. The notice is factual. City officials are working with Aspen, an energy consultant to gain direction for the aggregation program and when a new Read More...

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11/13 Broadway report of historical significance

The Shelby Historic Preservation Commission was asked to compile a report of the historical significance of 11/13 Broadway, known to many as the Hicks and Martin auto parts store. This is not a complete history, rather a survey of the changes to the building over time to determine whether it would qualify for the National Read More...

2022-03-13T12:20:45-04:00March 16th, 2022|

Barn named to local landmark list

Shelby Pure Milk Barn The Shelby Pure Milk barn on Whitney Avenue is the newest historic property to be added to the Shelby Locally Designated Historic Landmark list. Read more about the history of the barn here: The Old Barn

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Preservation Annual Report

Christina Drain, chair, presented the Shelby Historic Preservation annual report to city council Feb. 7, 2022. The report had been previously been emailed to city council members on Jan. 28. Following is a recap provided at the meeting. The entire report can be read here: SHPC annual report 2021 Goals 2021– education and communication for Read More...

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