Historic place-savers pour their time, energy, and resources into protecting places they care about, often without recognition. Preservation Month 2022 is for them—a national high-five to everyone doing the great work of saving places in hopes that it will inspire and empower others to do the same. Meet the members of the Shelby Historic Preservation Commission who volunteer their time locally to bring awareness to preservation.

Christina Yetzer Drain, Chair – There’s something about the craftsmanship of a historic building – the architecture the owner chose, the way the boards were cut and nailed, the local brick makers and the colors they used – that tells a story that is unique to that village. It brings a sense of place that is unlike anywhere else. Shelby still holds those stories, waiting to be retold.

Randy Sampsel, Vice Chair – There is something warm and friendly about restoration when done correctly. Although Shelby has lost some of its unique buildings, there are many that can be saved and brought back to produce an interesting historic hometown feel. It’s a slow detailed process that can support an active proud community for many years to come.

Lacy Bessette, Secretary – I am currently restoring my childhood dream house, an 1890s Stick Victorian. I believe that historic buildings are incredibly important because they are three-dimensional art and culture that surround us every day, and they can unite a community with a sense of shared history. I am passionate about learning about historic preservation and sharing it with others.

Mary Durkin – The great thing about historical preservation is that it is connected to so many positive outcomes; it is the means to revitalize our community creating places that welcome social interaction while adding charm to our city.

Kate Curren – I have always had a love for history and architecture. This led to my degree in Art History from Ohio State. Shelby has an abundance of beautiful historic buildings with interesting pasts. I am excited to be part of their revitalization.