Mayor’s Office

On behalf of the residents and businesses of Shelby I welcome you to our interactive website. This site endeavors to serve as an important electronic link between government, citizens, and visitors. Our goal is to provide users with ample access to information in regard to governmental entities, full municipal services, business links, and community resources.

Shelby is a unique City with a storied past, as well as, a promising future. We continue to build upon a legacy that focuses on providing an environment conducive to economic growth, while maintaining a safe, healthy place for people to call home.

As you browse our site, I hope you will become more excited about our City and desire to visit us in person.  We want you to see firsthand our facilities, parks, schools, churches, and our neighborhoods; our businesses and employment opportunities and the fascinating historical elements and recreational sites we have to offer.  We are looking forward to your visit!


Steven L. Schag

Mayor, City of Shelby

Mayor Steve Schag


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