The Shelby Historic Preservation Commission was asked to compile a report of the historical significance of 11/13 Broadway, known to many as the Hicks and Martin auto parts store. This is not a complete history, rather a survey of the changes to the building over time to determine whether it would qualify for the National Register of Historic Places. A complete history will be compiled at a later date. This report was sent to the Richland County Land Bank. The property owner has asked for financial assistance in demolishing several buildings on that block.

Our response to Amy Hamrick with the Land Bank –

“Please accept this report regarding the proposed demolition of 11/13 Broadway Ave. in Shelby. Ohio. Alan Wigton of the Richland County Historical Society asked us to assist in providing input on the historical significance of the former Hicks & Martin building, as it is nicknamed in Shelby.

As near as we can determine, the building dates to 1865-1867 although it could not be determined who the builder was. We were able to determine that in 1867 a grocery store and boots and shoes store were located within the building footprint. One of the earliest village doctors saw patients on the second floor. Vibrant commerce existed on all four street corners of East Shelby following the Civil War, serving a growing village in development. A former hotel, diagonally, now an attorney’s office, and 11/13 Broadway are all that remain. The wooden building, camouflaged by a brick façade in 1950, has been overlooked as a property of potentially historic significance. The building is a rare part of early Shelby history and is one of the oldest buildings downtown still in existence.

As a historic preservation commission, it is our mission to advocate preservation of buildings of historical significance. It appears in this case, there is loss of integrity in renovations throughout time, and it is questionable whether rehabilitation would be of historical value.”

You can read the full report here: History of Main and Broadway (1)