Comprehensive Financial Statements

January 2020 Balance Sheet
January 2020 Electric Register
January 2020 Park Register
January 2020 General Fund Register
January 2020 General Ledger Report
January 2020 Revenue Expenditure Report

February Balance Sheet
February Electric Register
February Park Register
February General Register
February General Ledger
February Revenue Expenditure Report

March Balance Sheet
March Electric Register
March Park Register
March General Fund Register
March General Ledger Report
March Revenue Expenditure Report

April Balance Sheet
April Electric Register
April Park Register
April General Fund Register
April General Ledger Report
April Revenue Expenditure Report

May Balance Sheet
May Balance Sheet
May Park Register
May General Fund Register
May General Ledger Report
May Revenue Expenditure Report

June Balance Sheet
June Electric Register
June Park Register
June General Fund Register
June General Ledger Report
June Revenue Expenditure Report

July Balance Sheet
July Electric Register
July Park Register
July General Fund Register
July General Ledger Report
July Revenue Expenditure Report

August Balance Sheet
August Electric Register
August Park Register
August General Fund Register
August General Ledger Report
August Revenue Expenditure Report

September Balance Sheet
September Electric Register
September Park Register
September General Fund Register
September General Ledger Report
September Revenue Expenditure Report

October Balance Sheet
October Electric Register
October Park Register
October General Fund Register
October General Ledger Report
October Revenue Expenditure Report

November Balance Sheet
November Electric Register
November Park Register
November General Fund Register
November General Ledger Report
November Revenue Expenditure Report

December Balance Sheet
December Electric Register
December Park Register
December General Fund Register
December General Ledger Report
December Revenue Expenditure Report

January 2019 Balance Sheet
January 2019 Electric Register
January 2019 Park Register
January 2019 General Fund Register
January 2019 General Ledger Report
January 2019 Revenue Expenditure Report

February 2019 Balance Sheet
February 2019 Electric Register
February 2019 Park Register
February 2019 General Fund Register
February 2019 General Ledger Report
February 2019 Revenue Expenditure Report

March 2019 Balance Sheet
March 2019 Electric Register
March 2019 Park Register
March 2019 General Fund Register
March 2019 Revenue Expenditure Report

April 2019 Balance Sheet
April 2019 Electric Register
April 2019 Park Register
April 2019 General Fund Register
April 2019 General Ledger Report
April 2019 Revenue Expenditure Report

May 2019 Balance Sheet
May 2019 Electric Register
May 2019 Park Register
May 2019 General Fund Register
May 2019 General Ledger Report
May 2019 Revenue Expenditure Report

June 2019 Balance Sheet
June 2019 Electric Register
June 2019 Park Register
June 2019 General Fund Register
June 2019 General Ledger Report
June 2019 Revenue Expenditure Report

July 2019 Balance Sheet
July 2019 Electric Register
July 2019 Park Register
July 2019 General Fund Register
July 2019 General Ledger Report
July 2019 Revenue Expenditure Report

August 2019 Balance Sheet August 2019 Balance Sheet
August 2019 Electric Register
August 2019 Park Register
August 2019 General Fund Register
August 2019 General Ledger Report
August 2019 Revenue Expenditure Report

September 2019 Balance Sheet
September 2019 Electric Register
September 2019 Park Register
September 2019 General Fund Register
September 2019 General Ledger Report
September 2019 Revenue Expenditure Report

October 2019 Balance Sheet
October 2019 Electric Register
October 2019 Park Register
October 2019 General Fund Register
October 2019 General Ledger Report
October 2019 Revenue Expenditure Report

November 2019 Balance Sheet
November 2019 Electric Register
November 2019 Park Register
November 2019 General Fund Register
November 2019 General Ledger Report
November 2019 Revenue Expenditure Report

December 2019 Balance Sheet
December 2019 Electric Register
December 2019 Park Register
December 2019 General Fund Register
December 2019 General Ledger Report
December 2019 Revenue Expenditure Report


Brian CrumDirector of Finance and Public Record
Amber CutlipDeputy Director of Finance and Public Record
Sarah Schrote, Income Tax Clerk
Lisa Jordan, Income Tax Clerk