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Wastewater Treatment
Shelby Waste Water Treatment Plant
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3626 London West Road


The Shelby WWTP will undergo a major renovation in 2018.  The EPA has issued a notice to advise the public that they have issued a Finding of No Significant Impact for the project.  A full copy can be seen here.

Shelby Waste Water Treatment Plant is a Class 3 facility and processes about 1.9 million gallons of wastewater per day with an annual volume of 800 million gallons. The city has over 70 miles of sewer lines and 1,300 manholes that make up the collection system. The Shelby Waste Water Treatment Plant uses an activated sludge process, in which micro-organisms and oxygen are combined to break down solids. Only two chemicals are used in the process. Chlorine gas kills a disease-causing bacteria, and sodium bisulfate is used to remove all chlorine before the final product is released to the Black Fork River. In many ways, the treated water is cleaner and healthier than what flows in the river today.

Residential customers: 3,787
Commercial customers: 260
Industrial customers: 20