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Council Chambers Live Stream

This is a live feed of the City Council chambers located at the Shelby Justice Center.  All meetings will be streamed "real-time" as they occur.

Please click on this link for access to the live stream.

Previous meetings can be viewed at the City of Shelby, Ohio YouTube Channel

Shelby Solar Array

The City of Shelby has partnered with AEP Onsite partners to construct a solar array.  This project is located on 14 acres on State Street and will produce 3,500 megawatts a year.  The city expects to save $205,000.00 the first year and over $3,000,000.00 over a 10 year period.  

Mayor Schag stated "This renewable energy is not only economically beneficial, but it is environmentally beneficial as well."

Residents can view how much electricity the array is producing by viewing the dashboard.  This dashboard will show a history of how much electricity it has produced daily, monthly, and over the life of the field.  


Comprehensive Financial Statements

October 2018 Balance Sheet

October 2018 Electric Check Register
October 2018 Park Check Register
October 2018 General Fund Register
October 2018 General Ledger Report
October 2018 Revenue/Expenditure Report

November 2018 Balance Sheet
November 2018 Electric Check Register
November 2018 Park Check Register
November 2018 General Fund Register
November 2018 General Ledger Report
November 2018 Revenue/Expenditure Report

December 2018 Balance Sheet
December 2018 Electric Check Register
December 2018 Park Check Register
December 2018 General Fund Register
December 2018 General Ledger Report
December 2018 Revenue/Expenditure Report

January 2019 Balance Sheet
January 2019 Electric Check Register
January 2019 Park Register
January 2019 General Fund Register
January 2019 General Ledger Report
January 2019 Revenue/Expenditure Report

February 2019 Balance Sheet
February 2019 Electric Check Register
February 2019 Park Register
February 2019 General Fund Register
February 2019 General Ledger Report
February 2019 Revenue/Expenditure Report

March 2019 Balance Sheet
March 2019 Electric Register
March 2019 Park Register
March 2019 General Fund Register
March 2019 General Ledger Report
March 2019 Revenue?Expenditure Report

April 2019 Balance Sheet
April 2019 Electric Register
April 2019 Park Register
April 2019 General Fund Register
April 2019 General Ledger Report
April 2019 Revenue/Expenditure Report

May 2019 Balance Sheet
May 2019 Electric Register
May 2019 Park Register
May 2019 General Fund Register
May 2019 General Ledger Report
May 2019 Revenue/Expenditure Report

June 2019 Balance Sheet
June 2019 Electric Register
June 2019 Park Register
June 2019 General Fund Register
June 2019 General Ledger Report
June 2019 Revenue/Expenditure Report

July 2019 Balance Sheet
July 2019 Electric Register
July 2019 Park Register
July 2019 General Fund Register
July 2019 General Ledger Report
July 2019 Revenue/Expenditure Report

August 2019 Balance Sheet
August 2019 Electric Register
August 2019 Park Register
August 2019 General Fund Register
August 2019 General Ledger Report
August 2019 Revenue Expenditure Report

September 2019 Balance Sheet
September 2019 Electric Register
September 2019 Park Register
September 2019 General Fund Register
September 2019 General Ledger Report
Septemer 2019 Revenue Expenditure Report

October 2019 Balance Sheet
October 2019 Electric Register
October 2019 Park Register
October 2019 General Fund Register
October 2019 General Ledger Report
October 2019 Revenue Expenditure Report

November 2019 Balance Sheet
November 2019 Electric Register
November 2019 Park Register
November 2019 General Fund Register
November 2019 General Ledger Report
November 2019 Revenue Expenditure Report

December 2019 Balance Sheet
December 2019 Electric Register
December 2019 Park Register
December 2019 General Fund Register
December 2019 General Ledger Report
December 2019 Revenue Expenditure Report

January 2020 Balance Sheet
January 2020 Electric Register
January 2020 Park Register
January 2020 General Fund Register
January 2020 General Ledger Report
January 2020 Revenue Expenditure Report

February 2020 Balance Sheet
February 2020 Electric Register
February 2020 Park Register
February 2020 General Fund Register
February 2020 General Ledger Report
February 2020 Revenue Expenditure Report

March 2020 Balance Sheet
March 2020 Electric Register
March 2020 Park Register
March 2020 General Fund Register
March 2020 Revenue Expenditure Report


Ordinance 20-2014 HISTORIC LANDMARKS AND BUILDINGS was passed  by Shelby City Council to preserve Shelby's distincitive character and its cultural, social, residential, commercial, industrial, educational, political, or architectural heritage for the enjoyment, enrichment, and benefit of the citizens of Shelby. As part of the Ordinance, the Historic Preservaion Commission was created.  The Commission's duty is to promote interest in historic preservation and educate Shelby citizens aobut historic preservation by holding workshops and preparing informational material, as appropriate.

On October 13, 2017, The City of Shelby became a Certified Local Government through the Ohio History Connection.  This allows the City to apply for Certified Local Government Grants to  indentify its historic, architectural, and archaeological rsources through surveys, nominate eligible properties and istricts to the National Register of Historic Places, further community education on historic preservation; and preserve and rehabilitate historic properties.


Pat Carlisle, Chairperson
Lacy Bessette
Christina Drain
Garry Bly
Joe Thompson


Application for Certificate of Appropriateness

Ordinance 20-2014

Map of Shelby's Historic District

Historic Preservation Rules and Procedures

Historic Preservation Locally Designation Form


Shelby Ohio Area History

Richland County- Shelby Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society

Shelby Museum of History

Shelby Cycle Historical Society

National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior Technical Preservation Briefs

CIC Logo 00000002

"To promote the economic growth and industrial development of Shelby, in an effort to further the common good, and general welfare of the Shelby community"

Together in 2017 with the City of Shelby, the Shelby Economic Development Plan was adopted.  This recommended plan from an outside firm suggested economic development recommendations that CIC is actively pursuing.

A partnership was established with CIC and the City of Shelby, the Village of Plymouth, The Shelby Foundation, and the Richland Area Chamber and Economic Development to fund an Economic Development Liasion position.  This successful relationship provides a strong economic development voice working on behalf of Shelby, Plymouth, and Northern Richland County.

Supporting the City and The Shelby Foundation to secure a placemaking plan to enhance the aesthetics and utility of the Main Street corridor, downtown greenspace, and Black Fork Commons enhancements.

As a new 501(c)3 organization, CIC is able to actively apply for grants and fundingwhich can financially support ventures and projects the group takes on. 

As the parent organization of Shelby Bicycle Days, CIC supports all efforts for Shelby's summer community festival.  Bicycle Days now generates a modest surplus to support economic development efforts to propel the future of Shelby.


Active sub-committees of CIC work continuosly to achieve the goals of the Shelby Economic Development Plan.  The following four sub-committees are composed of CIC members and community leaders to move the plan forward: 


Leading the overall strategy and sustainability.


Promoting available commercial real estate and overall Shelby advantages.


Engaging in making Shelby the center for entrepreneurism through collaboration of local public schools and higher education.


Collaborating with small business to provide resources and be a solution for roadblocks throttling success and growth.


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More information

Jessica Gribben, Economic Development Liaison 

Richland Area Chamber and Economic Development 


City of Shelby 



 President - Dr. Greg Timberlake

President Elect - Jake Penwell

Treasurer - Marissa Miller

Secretary - Carrie Kemerer

Brian Crum

Beth Conrad

Cody Albert

Greg Nickoli

John Ensman

Justin Armintrout

Lance Combs

Ralph Rosinsky

Tim Tarvin