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Joseph C. Gies, C.F.M., Zoning Inspector
43 W. Main St.
Shelby, OH 44875
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 419-342-3600

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Application for a Zoning Certificate
Application for a Conditional Zoning Certificate

Application for a Zoning Variance
Application for Amendment to the City of Shelby Zoning Code
Application for Nonconformity Certificate

Do you need a Zoning Certificate?

• Construction of or structural modification in any building, including accessory buildings
• Change in the use of an existing building or accessory building to a use of a different classification
• Occupancy and use of vacant land
• Change in the use of land to a use of a different classification
• Any change in the use of a nonconforming use

Applications for Zoning Certificates

Before constructing, changing the use of, or making structural modifications in, any building (including accessory buildings), or changing the use of any premises, application shall be made to the Zoning Inspector for a zoning certificate. The application shall include the following information:

• A plat plan, drawn to a scale of not less than ten feet to the inch, showing the actual shape, location and exact dimensions of the property to be built upon.

• The shape, size and location of all buildings and other structures to be erected, altered or moved, and of any building or other structure already on the property

• The existing and intended use of the property, including, in residential areas, the total number of dwelling units to be accommodated in the building

• Any other pertinent data that may be required to determine whether the provisions of this Zoning Code are being observed properly.

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