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Demolition of a Structure
No person, except a general contractor registered in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 1470, nor any employee of such person, shall demolish or undertake to demolish or represent himself as having the capacity of demolishing any building or other structure or part thereof, unless he has been registered as a demolition contractor, and no person shall demolish or undertake to demolish any building or other structure or part thereof, unless he has secured, or caused to be secured, a permit for such demolition under provision of Chapter 1470 of the Codified Ordinance of City of Shelby.

To obtain a demolition permit, the following documents shall be submitted to Shelby City Hall:

1. Completed Application of Building Demolition
2. A bond in the penal sum of $2,000.00 as outlined in 1470.04 indemnifying the City for all liability arising by reason of the demolition contractor or his employees while in the pursuit of his business under a demolition permit issued by the City.
3. Certificate of Contractors Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance and Vehicle Liability Insurance as outlined in 1470.02(a)(2)  
4. Demolition Permit fee of ten ($10.00) for residential properties and fifty ($50.00) for commercial per structure for a four week period.  Beyond the four week period and additional charge of $10 per each additional week until final inspection certificate is released.
5. If owner is not making application, an affidavit from owner stating that the owner authorizes the contractor to make application for owner.
6. Proof of contractor registration with the City of Shelby
7. A narrative describing the demolition to be accomplished and designate the manner, method and equipment to be used.

Download Demolition Forms
Application for Building Demolition

View a copy of Substitute Ordinance 9-2010 for more information.
If you have questions, please call the Zoning Inspector at 419-347-4889.

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