GLCAP will begin assisting our Service Department Division of Water Distribution, with identifying lead water service lines in our community. A schedule listing the areas of water service line identification will be posted as soon as known. GLCAP will be working in the older areas of our community with structures that were built or water service lines installed prior to 1986 (1986 was the year that congress banned the use of lead piping for water lines).

GLCAP crew will be back in our community during the week of November 14th assisting our Service Department identify the type of metal some of our water service lines are made of. GLCAP will assist with identifying the service line type by potholing. Potholing is performed with a vacuum truck to assist with the removal of rocks and soil to expose the water line valve box. This permits the crew to be able to see the water lines on both sides of the valve box to determine the line type.  

Potholing will be performed in the following area, Phase 5 –  Click here to see an area map. 

If you have any questions, please call the Municipal Utilities Office staff at (419) 342-4085.

Thank you for assisting us to identify and remove the lead water lines in our community. The Utilities Office Staff

Please note that you can provide GLCAP with the water service line type yourself by using the form, link in the Lead Service Line Study announcement located on the city website.