Dear Shelby Utility Customers,

The City of Shelby Administration and Council have composed a COVID-19 Shelby Stimulus and Stabilization Package. The package is designed to provide financial relief for all utility customers. Below are the eight (8) items that make up the package.

  1. Late Payment Charge “Past Due” waiver for the April and May billing period
    • short term stimulus
  2. Fifty percent (50%) reduction of the Electric Fuel and Purchase Power adjustment for the May billing period.
    • Short term but substantial stimulus
    • One time monthly reduction for all electric customers
    • Reduces the Fuel and Purchase Power portion of the Energy Component by fifty percent (50%)
    • Please note: This stimulus does not reduce the generation charge or the distribution charge portions within the Energy Component.
    • The customer charge and the demand charge remain the same (separate items on the bill)
  3. Balance Levelization  Mid/long term stimulus
    • Increases the credit to all electric customers
    • New adjustment is effective on the May bill
    • Itemized on the utility bill under “Balance Levelization”
  4. Generation Charge reduction
    • Long term stimulus
    • Adjustment to become effective on the July utility bill
    • Pending Council approval
  5. No electric or water shut offs through May. (Please note: This deadline can change)
  6. Publicized for additional Sharing Funds –
    • Utility customers seeking assistance are being assisted
    • Annual pledge amount is currently at $200 per customer (pledge amount can change)
    • Funds are limited
  7. The Budget Billing Policy has been modified. Customers with a current balance can now apply for budget billing with twelve (12) months of utility history and any month throughout the year.
  8. Economic Development Coordinator has organized a weekly ZOOM meeting for Shelby businesses – This informative meeting helps explain stimulus benefits, provides guidance, and updates the business community on Federal, State, and Local assistance programs.

For more information call 419-342-4159. Please contact the Utilities Office if you have any questions at 419-342-4085.

Mayor, Steven L. Schag
Deputy Director of Public Service, John Ensman