City of Shelby’s Response to the COVID-19 Emergency

In compliance with the Governor’s Order “public access playgrounds” in Shelby will be closed until further notice.

Within that order, there is allowance for periodic “outdoor activity”. However, Social Distance Requirements, as defined by the Ohio Department of Health, are to be strictly obeyed.

The Shelby City Health Department is encouraging citizens to stay at home as much as possible in order to protect and preserve the health and wellbeing of family, friends, and neighbors. The exercise of wisdom and restraint by everyone can be the difference maker in our Community.

The City of Shelby, Ohio will continue to follow COVID-19 directives issued by the State of Ohio and the Federal Government. At this time, all city offices and departments will remain open but necessary changes have been implemented to comply with employee reporting protocols and social distancing. We will assess the state of emergency on a daily basis to see if additional restrictions are necessary for the well being of our employees and the continuation of the local operations of the City.

In order to comply with the Ohio Department of Health Director’s orders, the Mayor has modified the emergency declaration dated March 19, 2020. Shelby City Hall will now be closed to the public starting Tuesday March 24, 2020. This closure will remain in effect until the orders of the Director are lifted. City Hall staff will be available during 8 AM-4 PM to answer phone calls. Citizens are encouraged to conduct business via mail, email, or phone.

Effective, Tuesday, March 24, 2020 the walk in lobby and drive up window at the Utilities Office will be closed. We encourage our customers to use the drop box (next to drive up window), pay on line, or mail their utility bill to the office. The office personnel will be available to assist customers Monday-Friday from 8am – 4:00pm. Please call if you need help with your utilities.

The City of Shelby Utilities recognizes there could be some financial hardships during this present and challenging time with the coronavirus emergency. Effective immediately and until further notice, the office will temporarily postpone shutoffs/disconnects for customers who are past due on their utility bill. We will continue to monitor the state of emergency and adjust this temporary procedure when the emergency has been lifted.

To help ease the hardships, there are several help organizations and a locally organized Share Fund that could assist with financial contributions. We ask that if you need assistance to please contact the Utilities Office personnel for help and guidance.

City personnel are very cognitive of the situation and are aware of the city wide impact if a department was to be affected by the virus. The employees are dedicated and understand the importance of maintaining their operations within their respective departments to make sure the citizens are protected by our safety forces, the electric stays on, the water flows, the sewage is treated, and the streets are maintained.

To help keep our personnel from unnecessary exposure, we politely ask that all non-essential people (sales, consultants, guests, etc.) refrain from visiting the Police Department, Fire Department, Water Treatment Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Electric Department, and Service Department until a release has been issued.

Please contact City Hall or the Utilities Office if you have questions concerning the operations of the City.

Be safe, be kind, follow the Golden Rule, and WASH YOUR HANDS.